desperate (1)Inside us all there is a longing to find that one thing that will satisfy. If we are very lucky, once we’ve found it, we discover that there are many other longings within that need to be filled. The journey, the desire, the longing can keep us from merely living. The pursuit can keep us alive. For some of us, life is a succession of one longing after another – some greater, some lesser. Sometimes they are buried in the preoccupations of life. Those we may forget about, or they may remain a persistent nagging in our subconscious. “Something’s wrong.” “Something feels incomplete.”

Some of the longings grow to a point of desperation. It is when we reach this fever pitch that we begin to seek solutions, answers, appeasement, resolve. The nagging becomes too much to bear. We must satisfy.

This blog is about my longings – those things for which I am desperate. But in reality, I believe there is one thing that all of us are desperate for – understanding. We are all desperate for some other human to look into our eyes, and say, “I know exactly how you feel, because I feel the same way.”

So let’s journey together, and maybe we will find in one another empathy, community, recognition.

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