Change is exciting. Change is scary. Change can be painful. Everything changes. Sometimes for better; sometimes for worse. Sometimes we know what precipitates it. Sometimes we see the change coming from a mile away. Sometimes it strikes like lightening from a clear, blue sky, and our world is upside down. Sometimes it is a slow and gradual process – one that sneaks up on us, so that we don’t even know the change has happened until it’s too late. Then we are suddenly somewhere we never thought we’d be, forced to address what we never thought we’d face.

The seasons are changing. Leaves are beginning their slow fade from the greens of summer into the ambers and crimsons of autumn. It’s a gradual change, but one that we expect. As it grows cooler, my heart begins the ache for adventure – for change. Autumn is a time for bonfires, hikes, camping, boots, scarves… Autumn means change. It is the season in which I feel the most myself. Somehow this season speaks to my soul, and calls out to me to live truly – to stop pretending. Maybe it’s because I am such a changeable creature. Autumn calls me to live into my potential, and to follow my dreams.

Where will the road take you?

I don’t know.

Aren’t you scared?

Of course! Will that stop you?

No way!

Autumn, for me, is like meeting someone new who immediately understands everything about me. She is a kindred spirit. Her colors and cool breeze resonate with my soul and make me feel at home in the change. Somehow, she makes other changes easier to bear. I’m troubled by change that forces me to choose. Bless autumn and her beautiful inevitability. There is no choice. She will come. She may not come as early as I hope, but she will come. Bless her. The whisper of autumn on the wind gives hope that not all change is bad, and not all change is permanent. She is a reminder that, if we are paying attention and wrap up and prepare, the winter that is coming will be survived and the spring on the other side will hold more beauty and joy than we ever could have imagined. Change is inevitable, but how we face the change will make all the difference when the winter comes.

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