It was dusk by the time I got out to walk that night. As I came around the corner and out of the wooded area, I was stricken by the beauty. It rained off an on all day and by sunset, the clouds had settled low and rich. It was a surreal moment. Somehow, I was transported from the rolling hills of a golf course, to another world. I expected to round a corner and find myself face to face with Brigadoon where I would be whisked away by Gene Kelly to dance “through the heather on the hill,” or perhaps I would come face to face with a Black Rider searching for Frodo.

It is little wonder that many faiths consider dusk and dawn to be magical times – times when there is the most potential for the miraculous to happen. The magic lies in the shadow. The unseen frees our imagination to do it’s best work. In the in-between places and times, we are left with uncertainty and we have the choice, in those times, to either engage the fear of what we can’t see, or to embrace the wonder of the unknown.

It is from these magical times that the faerie stories and tales of mystical wonder come tumbling into the subconscious narrative of today. Because these stories ring with glorious wonder and fearsome terror, we carry both into our lives. When we reach those places of dusk or dawn, and the clouds are settled low obstructing our view we are again faced with choices. Where will our instincts take us? Will we choose to follow those instincts, or fight them?

In the shadowy places of life, those places where things aren’t clearly seen, we have the same choices – to allow our imagination to flood us with the magic and hidden potential, or to flood us with the fear of what is unseen. I choose to look into the fog and see the will-o-the-wisp, the faerie, the hidden village magically preserved. I choose to see the wonder, rather than the terror. Sometimes I have to make that choice over and over, second by second. Sometimes, it’s a conscious effort to fight the fear that threatens to overwhelm, but it’s a choice I make, no matter how hard. I will look into the fog with eyes wide to the mystical between time open to the magic that it brings.

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