Today, I’m desperate to be on the water. The ocean is calling me. Whether it’s sitting in a boat or standing on the shore, the undulation and roar seems to drown and wash away stress and turmoil from within me.

Everything changes. The tides wash away the sand and bring new things to shore, but in the midst of the eternal change, the ocean seems to hold a constance that I need in my life sometimes. She’s a reminder that even with change, there is security.

Vast. She’s so vast. I look out on that great expanse and I am reminded that I am small, and that being small is what I am meant to be, but that it is not all I am meant to be. We’ve all heard the story of the young girl throwing starfish back into the ocean after a storm. While she couldn’t make a difference to every starfish, she made a difference to each one she helped. Sometimes I’m the girl, sometimes I’m the starfish. Either way, I’m never the ocean

Except that I am. I am vast, and deep, and undulating, and mysterious, and dangerous, and beautiful, and so much more. I am pulled by the moon, and polluted by sins of greedy men, and littered in the deepest parts with shipwrecks of once glorious vessels. Yet, on my surface I am capable of bearing immense crafts to their destination, and within my depths, I house and feed great beasts and delicate flowers.

I feel the ocean calling me. I am desperate to experience once more the kindred nature of this majestic and tumultuous temptress called the sea.

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