Dove nails it again. In this ad, Dove places to labels over the doors of shopping centers in major metropolitan areas across the globe. Women choose between the door marked “beautiful” or the one marked “Common.”

I wonder, though, how many of us would choose to walk through the door marked average because we are taught that to acknowledge our beauty is pride.

We are beautiful and there is no pride in recognizing it. Our differences – in size, shape, hair, skin, etc – only serve to add to what makes us unique, individual, beautiful. I hope my daughters, sisters, friends know that it is not what they share in common with models or the current standards of “beauty” that makes them beautiful. It is what makes them stand apart that makes them so special, so beautiful. Those are not always things that can be seen from the outside. For most women, what makes us the MOST beautiful is what shines from within.

I am desperate for women to know their beauty. Each of us is a unique expression of humanity. Each distinct and precious. Which door would you choose? Do you know you are BEAUTIFUL?

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