“It was a great day. The rain cooled it down a little and watered my plants. I didn’t have to wash my car. I got to splash in the puddles with my kids.”

“Today was horrible. It rained all day and drenched everything. I stepped in a puddle, and my kid came home soaked from splashing in them. The rain in the pecan tree dumped leaves all over my car It’s been terrible.”

I choose the first. I’m desperate for more good days, and today I realized something. I used to believe that the universe chose whether my day would be great or horrible or mediocre. I used to believe that others’ actions determined the status of my day.


I used to believe that my mood was dependent upon anything and everything outside of me. I am realizing how wrong I was. I can live in Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events books, and still have a fabulous day if I see it that way.

It’s up to me to choose. So what about you? How was your day? What will you choose. Will you choose every single day to have a great day? I’m not talking some hocus pocus prosperity gospel. I don’t believe that you can smile your way into wealth untold. I do believe that you can smile your way into a better mood, though! I do believe that my circumstances do not have to dictate my permanent outlook on the state of life itself.

I choose to have a good day. How about you?

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