A Manifesto:

I am for love.

I am for generosity.

I am for creativity.

I am for collaboration and co-creation.

I am for benevolence.

I am for peace.

I am for tenderness.

I am for truth.

I am for kindness.

I am for faith.

I am for imagination.

I am for ingenuity.

I am for affection.

I am for beauty.

I am for playing.

I am for trees, flowers, grass, butterflies, birdsong, wind in the trees.

I am for mountains and rivers and lakes and streams and beaches and sunshine.

I am for moonlight and starlight and cool evening breezes.

I am for the laughter of children and comforting touch of mothers.

I am for the quiet gentle support and teaching of fathers.

I am for the embrace of lovers.

I am for the invigorating energy that swirls around us when creative minds of similar and different views come together in moments of beautiful harmony to find creative solutions to challenges we face.

I am for no longer dwelling on labels to separate. I am for appreciating our differences as sources of joy and opportunities to grow and learn together – to expand one another’s understanding of the world around us – as an intricate knotwork of different and alike that woven together creates the tapestry of humanity.

I am for rising above those who attempt to tear that tapestry apart. I am for no longer dwelling on those things which separate and divide. I am for finding those things which bring us together.

I am for learning from the wisdom of past generations.

I am for tapping into the energy, courage, and creativity of the young.

I am for friendship.

I am for love.

Rumi quote

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