About this blog

There are so many things for which I am desperate. Sometimes, it’s just a cup of really good coffee. Sometimes it’s a cool breeze. Sometimes I’m desperate to be heard and understood. I think we all are desperate for that most of the time. Here, I want to connect. I want to hear others connecting, as well. In a digital age, we are inundated by brushes against one another. Here, I want to press my heart into the hands of others and know that they hear, see, feel, and that we connect with one another.

There are things you will learn about me as we journey. Till then, here are some of my thoughts on life.

I think God created dark chocolate to give us an idea of what love is like before we find it.
I think God made butterflies to show us how beautiful it is to run and play and flit, and to show us that even though we may not see the purpose behind life’s seemingly random journey, there is a purpose there (even if it’s just to find some sweet nectar in the middle of the beautiful flowers of life.)

If you connect with what you read here, please share my blog. Maybe we’ll find some others who feel the same way we do.