Songbird, swashbuckler, sassy, saucy. Mom of 3 bipeds and 2 quadrupeds. Doing what I was made to do. Make music! Love fiercely, give generously.

The Tribe

Who better to tell you about B than her friends, family, and fans?

If you’ve been to a show, let others know. How’d it go? What’s your take away? If you’re a part of the tribe, how would you sum B up in to a sentence? …and GO!


  1. Angie

    Amazingly talented and passionate performer that embodied the true soul of an artist!

  2. Anita Brown

    If the mountains of mother earth had a voice, it would be Brandi’s. She’s a strong, feminine singer and songwriter. She lives to sing and sings to live. Brandi is also passionate about creating community with artists to support their vision, develop growth in their craft, and foster collaborative work.

  3. Michelle

    Brandi and I haven’t talked much over this past few years, but there is one thing I know for sure. That B* is strong. The first time I met her she got 3rd degree burns from boiling oil that spilled onto her lap and melted her jeans into her legs. I saw again a few days later with huge bandages on her legs. I asked how she was and she tilted her head at the absurd obviousness of my question as she answered “It hurts.”

  4. Jill Johns

    Every time B sings, I look around at my neighbors, point to the stage and proudly brag “That’s my friend!” She’s beautiful inside and out. She sings Patsy better than Patsy. She’s a creator, a visionary, a champion of up-and-comers, and a helluva cool chic. I strongly recommend that you listen to her sing every chance you get…it’s good for your soul!

  5. Perry Zeigler

    I have know B for years and she has always been so gracious with her talents. Watching The Patsy Cline tribute was my favorite of her shows. The control she has over her voice is such a gift from God. Close your eyes and Patsy is in the room. I feel very blessed to know her and mark it as one of my life’s highlight to have sung next to her. (And she didn’t even laugh at me…now that is grace)

  6. hippychick2

    Brandi is an artist.
    Her talent is unmistakable- you realize it the moment she opens her mouth; the song rising in her washes itself over you, and at its depth and power, your heart stands and applauds.

  7. Benjy

    For the past year or two, I’ve had the great fortune to sing next to Brandi. The funny thing about the experience to me – even though I know what’s coming, whether it’s beautiful harmony or powerful lead – when she starts to sing, I just start to smile. The sound is wonderful to behold. I hope as many people as possible get to listen to her sing, so they can be amazed each time they hear her sing.

  8. Russ Lanier

    God gives some people great physical gifts, and other people great spiritual gifts. Brandi has been blessed with both. Her voice can bring a big smile to your face or bring tears to your eyes with any song she sings. She is simply amazing, and my hope and prayer is that someday she will be able to share her gifts with audiences everywhere!

  9. John Davis

    As a former accompanist — Who had trouble keeping up with her! — I used to say that we could play anything behind Brandi’s voice and it would sound great. She truly has exceptional talent.

    • Brandi Harvey Music

      Thank you so much, John! I sure miss those days. Great memories.


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