"It was a great day. The rain cooled it down a little and watered my plants. I didn’t have to wash my car. I got to splash in the puddles with my kids." “Today was horrible. It rained all day and drenched everything. I stepped in a puddle, and my kid came home soaked from … Continue reading Choose


I wear it. My stress clothes me like an ill-fitting dress. It tugs at me here and hangs to loose there. My confusion and anger and the feelings I am trying to keep bottled up just manage to appear in other ways. Today, it is manifest in the draw of my shoulder and the circles under … Continue reading Wear


Sometimes, I can’t. Sometimes, as much as I want to, Trust is just gone. One thing after another chips away, and things that are meant to build her only tear her down. I want to believe. I want to know, deep in my gut like I’m supposed to, that what I hear, what I see, what … Continue reading Trust


Somehow it happens long before I realize it. When I realize it, it’s like a slap in the face. WAKE UP! Something is broken. The symptom that always seems to evidence itself the most boldly is music. When something is wrong, the music stops. The funny thing is, when the music stops, something usually goes … Continue reading Broken


Sometimes my doubt in myself becomes so overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder...will they all find out? One day, will they all realize that I am a fraud. I’m not actually trying to be disingenuous with anyone. There are days, though, when I wonder if the facade I’ve built will crack, crumble, fall. In that moment, will … Continue reading Fraud


Yesterday was one of those days that sinks down deep into your spirit. From Southeast Georgia to Brentwood Tennessee, lives were changed, and not for the better. Georgia Southern, a relatively small school as Universities go, was left reeling in the wake of the news. Five. Five students gone. Five friends lost. Five daughters whose … Continue reading Grief


Today, I’m desperate to be on the water. The ocean is calling me. Whether it’s sitting in a boat or standing on the shore, the undulation and roar seems to drown and wash away stress and turmoil from within me. Everything changes. The tides wash away the sand and bring new things to shore, but … Continue reading Sea