It’s March 2020.

I have no doubt that this moment in history will be remembered for some time. Eventually, maybe 100+ years from now, it will only be commonly known to historians – like the Spanish flu in 1918. I think maybe I read about it in a history class, but I’m not cretain.

For those of living through it, it is more surreal than anything I can imagine. I was pregnant with my oldest child when the twin towers fell on 9/11. This is somehow worse.

When 9/11 happened, the instinct of the American people was to come together in solidarity. We congregated by the hundreds to show that we were united. Though we sometimes bicker and disagree, we are ONE PEOPLE united by a love of our country and one another. When an outside force threatened that, we remembered what was important, and WE RALLIED TOGETHER, literally and figuratively.

This is so different.

This time, we are alone. This time, the remedy is not coming together…it’s DISTANCE. 

As humans, our instincts when things go awry is to find our safe people and cling to them. We encourage one another with handshakes, smiles, hugs. We console one another with a hand on the shoulder. The tragedy and terror of this moment in time is that it robs us of those things.

I am scared. I am scared like I have never been before. My fight or flight responses are telling me, “RUN!” But where can we run to? There is no where safe. Where can I run? Where can I hide my children from this “invisible enemy?”

Worse still, I think of the men, women, and children, who succumb to this menace with no loved ones by their side. I hope and pray that they somehow feel the love of their family and friends across the DISTANCE.

I think of the workers serving those in hospital who choose to stay and help save lives, rather than run home to cling tight to their loved ones. They are heroes.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the state of our world right now. As we hide away in our homes with our children and mates, it is easy to get lost in the saddness and fear.

There is HOPE. As always, I am one who tries to work through the fear and doubt to find some peace. A silver lining kinda gal! 

While we face this frightening unseeable foe, we do so in a time when staying CONNECTED has never been easier. I cannot visit my family, but I have spoken more with them in the last week than in the previous month. With the help of the technological advances of the last few decades, we are able to entertain ourselves, entertain others, and CONNECT like never before. Many of us are even able to work from home. Phone calls and text messages, social media and YouTube are keeping us closer than ever to news and updates from across the globe.

There is good news that we don’t always hear about. Science is moving faster than it ever has to find a solution to this problem. A cure, a vaccine, whatever we need to get beyond this and survive.

And the greatest news of all? We, none of us, are alone. We may not be able to reach over and hug a friend, but we can reach across the planet to see a neighborhood in Italy singing out their windows together and communities across the US putting stuffed bears in windows so that children can still have adventures. We can still see our favorite bands perform from the safety of our own homes, and we can still support local musicians by downloading their music, leaving virtual tips through apps like Venmo, and becoming patrons through sites like Patreon. We can help local restaurants and businesses by shopping and ordering online. There is so much we CAN do to make it through and to reach out in truly generous ways.

When 9/11 happened, we came together as a nation. We are now realizing just how easy and necessary it is to come together globally. It’s not us vs them. Is ALL of us TOGETHER making the world a better place. If there’s a silver lining, perhaps that’s it.

We, as a species, are learning just how CONNECTED we are, and we are learning that when we all work TOGETHER (even when working together means staying apart), we can do remarkable things.

From my home to yours, from at least 6 feet away, I love you all, and I offer a virtual hug. I can’t wait to see you all on the other side. Until then, I’m desperate to stay CONNECTED. So, let’s chat! Here, on social media, on Patreon, wherever you hang out, let’s have a virtual talk over coffee and reach out across the distance.