The old joke in the IT realm is “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
I think I needed a reboot. It sounds like such a simple thing, but we just can’t seem to get it. Each time my computer has an update, it must be restarted in order to operate with the new system.

Believe it or not, this particular post has been a draft sitting on the backend of my site since July of 2015.
I was astounded to discover it as I was searching through the site working towards an update. A reboot. Here I sit shaking my head thinking, “Well, you certainly got a couple since then.”
I got a personal reboot. A marriage ended. A new life began. I’ve been in and out of jobs and even come full circle to the place I found where I belonged right after my world fell apart. It was a safe, friendly place where I could stretch and learn and grow. It still is.
It was a place where I get to play with words all day long. Now, I play with words and websites and learn how to build and share information.

I’ve had a couple of relationships since my marriage ended. As you do, I learned things about myself with each. I have spent the last 5 years in love with one man, and I cannot imagine my life with anyone else. He is the only person on the planet I ever want to walk through life with. So, I got a relationship reboot.
I have been through 3 houses and I’m working on number 4. I’ve had my share of reboots.

Then…there was “The Rona.” I guess the world is getting her own reboot, maybe. It’s like the whole world got turned off and back on again…but, something went haywire with the systems reset. We were meant to breathe. We were meant to reconnect afterwards. It was meant to sure up out interactions.

Unfortunately, somehow, while the system was shutting down, a virus snuck in. It was an ugly one, too – an angry one. Mother Nature got her beautiful reboot, and the operating system should have been good to go. But one of the programs isn’t functioning properly, and “gumming up the works,” as my mom says.

You see, we let this virus get in. Whether it’s social media or mainstream media or whatever, those may be the door it came through, but the virus has a really nasty side effect – hate.
He hates her. Those people hate these people. These people hate the others.

Now sure, the virus wasn’t meant to do that. It was really meant to make a few people some money and maybe get a few people on board with their ideas. Maybe it was meant to just get this group to win instead of that group. Maybe, it was a good virus, meant to bring like minded people together.
However, in the process, it built walls between the like-minded people of this group and the like-minded people of that one.

It kept us from sitting with our neighbors and talking to them. It kept us from shaking hands and giving hugs and caring for the person next door.
Just like Corona, the virus in our society has isolated us. And now, it’s tearing ya apart from the inside out.

Clots of this group and that group begin blocking the nourishing blood flow of conversation and community. People with the best of intentions, like a cytokines storm attack and destroy where we really need to work gently to heal.
We got our reboot, but maybe we need another.

Maybe, we need to shut it down. Go within. Find out where the glitches and malware have been operating, and clear them out. We need a spiritual antiviral. A mental debugging.
We need another reboot because I am, and I know you are, desperate to find healing and a better way of operating.